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Tube volumes

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Ashavarz  company  was   established   in  1984 in Tehran. in  old  Persian  Ashavarz  means  the follower

Of   truth.

The  factory  is  located  in  Deligan  which   is  about  260 km  away  from  Tehran  in 2014 Ashavarz  launched  a   developing   plan by  building  new  facility buying   new  lines  and  renovating  the old lines.

Currently  Ashavarz is  able  to produce  Aluminum  tubes   in  rang of 13.5mm  to 45mm  diameter  and  up to 200mm length  for  cosmetic  pharmaceutical  and  industrial  purposes.

The    .. production  capacity of  factory   is 120million  tubes . using 4 production  lines.

To ensure customers satisfaction Ashavarz has received certifications  from  national  standard  organization  Iranian  food  and drug  administration  and GMP from European companies .

Commerce Department - Raw materials and supplies.

Ashavarz Company usually needs the following materials to produce its tubes:

Aluminum  ingot  with  purity  of aa.7

Polyethylene Products

Internal and external  coating for tubes  sealing latex for aluminum  tubes .

Lubricants ( Graphite containing oils for high Temperature )

Zink stearate

Steels – spare parts- electronic   a  pneumatic  and   hydraulic parts.


Different kind s of tubes for cosmetic and hygienic  purposes.

Different kinds  of  tubes for pharmaceuticals

Tubes for packaging food and industrial products.

Aluminum shells for capacitors and coils

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