Aluminum tube production line depending on model is about 40 m length, consisting of different machines which are briefly described as below:

0) Pre-production: Aluminum slugs which are the raw materials in this industry are mixed with powder lubricant (zinc stearate).

1) Press: In press machine slugs are extruded from a die with the impact of punch. The lubricant added in previous stage ensures a smooth extrusion process and form a tube which have  an elastic body

2) Trimming: in trimming machine tubes are cut in ordered length and the nozzle will be threaded.

3) Annealing oven: By passing the tubes from a high temperature oven, all the residues from lubrication will be vaporized and tubes will be annealed to reach the desired stiffness.

4) intercooler: I this stage tubes loose temperature to get ready for coating

5) Internal lacquering machine: The inner surface of tubes will be coated by suitable lacquer by multi-layer spraying

6)Curing Oven: The internal coating resin will be cured and polymerized in this oven

7)  External coating machine: In this stage the outer surface of tubes will be coated by lacquer as a primer for printing. This coating can be opaque or transparent according to the customer order

8) curing oven: The external coating of tubes will be cured in this oven

9)Printing machine: A rotary offset printing machine prints the ordered art work on the tubes

10) Curing oven: The printing of tubes will be cured in high temperature

11) Capping machine: in this stage the plastic caps are inserted on tubes automatically

12) Latexing machine: This machine is used to apply a sealing ring on the end of tubes to prevent leakage after filling. The latex resin is spayed and dried in air

13)Packaging: In an isolated clean room the tubes will be checked and packed

After packaging, the tubes are checked again by Q.C. lab and will be ready to deliver to the customer.

The applied tests on the tubes are based on Iranian Standard No. 2149. Some of them may last up to 24 hours which are requested by the customer. beyond the standards. So it may be a gap between production and delivery due to the time required for tests in quarantine inventory.

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